1. General Information :


Mission Title

Midterm Review

Topics adressed

Social dialogue


ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation)


  1. Context :


ITUC was awarded a three year grant from EU aimed at Promoting Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Region . The project runs from January 2016 to December 2018. The project’s overall objective is: “Develop the capacity of Trade Unions (TUs) and their homologues of Employers Associations (EAs) in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan, in order to promote a dynamic, inclusive and reinforced institutionalized social dialogue and consultations with the broader civil society”.


Mid Term Review (MTR) Purpose


Given ITUC and Co-applicants focus is on quality implementation, the purpose of this MTR is to ensure that the project’s objectives are reached and positive impact is achieved.


Submission details:

Interested candidates must send their CVs, references, past work, any relevant material showcasing their experience in projects' midterm evaluation. Past works on EU-funded actions should be a plus.

Candidates must send their submission by e-mail to <hind.benammar@ituc-csi.org>


Submission deadline  : 05/31/2017