In the framework of SOLiD project, BUSINESSMED and the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) held the 1st workshop on social dialogue and Jordan local Authorities entitled “Women Representativeness in leading positions” that took place in Amman, on October 03rd 2017.

Despite the female presence in the labour market and community life, women access to decision-making positions remains marginal, hence the relevance of the workshop that examined the factors impeding women leadership in economic, social and especially political terms.
The event involved a brainstorming on the challenges and constraints of women’s leadership, sharing of experiences and best practices in order to locate the profile of elected or/ and senior women and track the potential of replication.

The added value of the activity lie in the reinforcement of exchanges between the employers and the local authorities on a crucial issue namely women empowerment and the access to leading positions. In this respect the social partners join forces in order to advocate for modern institutions that tackle discrimination and ensure social peace in the target country.